Career Center

Career and Post-Secondary Advisor: Ms. Fernandes

​Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 to 3:30pm

What is the Career Center?
This is where you can come to ask questions and get information in the areas of post-secondary education and career options, and planning for after high school. You can also pick up resources in the Career Center, such as university/college viewbooks and SAT study guides.

Ms. Fernandes has an e-mail list each year for Grade 11-12 students and parents (and Grade 10 if they’re interested)- the emails will be sent throughout the year and will include information on post-secondary events (at SDSS and in the community), scholarships, and part time job and volunteer opportunities.

There will also be an e-mail list for Grade 8-10 students and parents who are interested in volunteering opportunities and programs in the community that are relevant for younger students.

Please e-mail Ms. Fernandes to let her know if you are interested in subscribing to either of these e-mail lists.