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South Delta Secondary School
750 – 53 Street
Delta, BC, Canada
V4M 3B7

2019-2020 School Profile
CEEB code: 821085
Main office: (604) 943-7407         Counseling office: (604) 943-4707
Website: https://sd.deltasd.bc.ca/

School Counselors:  Ms. Val Hayes, Ms. Karen Kilpatrick,  Mr. Rob Paul-Morris, TBA

Career & Post-Secondary Advisor: Mrs. P. Cheng

School District #37 (Delta) serves the educational needs of the City of Delta. Delta is a city in southern British Columbia and forms part of Greater Vancouver. Located 35 kilometres south of Vancouver, it is bordered by the Fraser River to the north, the United States to the south and the city of Surrey to the east. South Delta Secondary School is located in the community of Tsawwassen in the south western most part of Delta. Delta School District is a leading district for innovative teaching and learner
success. Currently, the district consists of seven high schools and 24 elementary schools utilizing a K–7 and 8–12 grade-level configuration. The student body is culturally diverse and from a cross section of socioeconomic groups. Delta enjoys a diversified economic base. Delta’s flat, fertile land has made it one of the most important agricultural areas in British Columbia.

School Information
South Delta Secondary is a comprehensive, public high school with an established French Immersion Program. The school enrolls approximately 1,500 students in grades 8 through 12 with a staff of approximately 110 professionals and support staff. SDSS operates on a Day 1/Day 2 alternating timetable. Each student takes eight courses (four each day), except in special circumstances. The school opened in 1970 and graduated its first senior class in June of 1973. South Delta Secondary School is accredited by the Ministry of Education – Government of British Columbia.

The academic program is organized on a Day 1/Day 2 alternating timetable with two daily schedules. For most days, daily classes are from 8:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Monday to Friday. The students take four classes per day for a total of 1054 mins per week. Flex time takes place four times a week (160 mins). Each Wednesday morning the staff participates in 60 mins of Collaboration time. These AP courses are offered: Chemistry, English Literature and Composition, Psychology, Environmental Science. AP courses require application for enrolment to the subject area.

Pre-AP classes are offered in English 10, English 11, Chemistry 11 and Physics 11. Entry into these courses requires an 80% prerequisite proficiency score and a teacher recommendation. The Math Challenge Program (Enriched and Accelerated) is offered in Foundations and PreCalculus 10 and PreCalculus 11. Entry into these courses requires an 80% prerequisite proficiency score and a teacher recommendation.

World language courses include French Immersion, French and Spanish from basic through advanced levels. A wide variety of elective courses are offered in business, music, art, theatre, physical education, technology education, fine arts, languages and home economics. South Delta Secondary offers Career Education Programs in the areas of Career Preparation (Work Experience), Training in the Trades (Industry training) and Youth Work in Trades (Trade Apprenticeships). 10 Sport and Fine Arts Academy Programs are offered by the Delta School District and are credited courses scheduled within the school day.

South Delta Secondary has a French Immersion program for grades 8 through 12 that follows the provincial curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education. Students completing the program receive both a Double Dogwood which acknowledges graduation in both English and French.


Excellent 86–100 A
Very Good 73–85 B
Above Average 67–72 C+
Average 60–66 C
Below Average 50 – 59 C-
49 – and below F

Student Ranking
South Delta Secondary does not academically rank students.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation
South Delta Secondary records grades on the student’s transcript. GPA is not computed.

Standardized Test Results
South Delta Secondary students typically perform above the provincial average in provincial examinations.

Contact Information
Mr. Terry Ainge, Principal
(604) 943-7407