Graduation 2021 Information

Scholarship information for Grade 12’s:

Nominated Scholarship Student Profile

Above is the form “Nominated Scholarship Student Profile“. This profile is available for students who want to be considered for “nominated” scholarships throughout the school year. “Nominated” means that the student is nominated or sponsored by SDSS for the award. A couple of upcoming opportunities for students to be nominated are the Loran award: and the National Book Award:
Students can also apply for the Loran award without being nominated by the school.

If you are interested in being considered for any upcoming nominated scholarships, please fill out the profile and e-mail back to by October 1st. Students can submit after this date but the earlier they submit, the more opportunities they will be considered for.

Ms. Fernandes, the Career and Post-Secondary advisor, is on maternity leave til October 15th. As of Oct. 15th, she will be the primary contact if you want more information on nominated scholarships or if you are submitting a profile.

Sept 8 SDSS Letter to Grade 12 Students and Parents