Classroom Community - ROCKS!
We are a community of learners and thus must behave and carry ourselves in a manner that is condusive to all to learn.  We will embody ROCKS!; Respect, Ownership, Community, Knowledge, Safety.  Here are some ROCKS examples to keep in mind:
~ equipment in the library - do not damage tables, chairs, computers, screens
~ log out of computers
~ carefully return laptops to the proper locations
~ yourself and others
~ all work is your own - you have not taken work and  ideas from other students - you have not taken work and ideas from other sources without clearly giving credit
~ we are all sharing space and equipment, please treat like your own and take care of your surrounding
~ as a community of learner we treat ourselves and other respectfully, in class and online
~ designers and programmers are often a TEAM of people who share successes, questions, and concerns
~ we are here to learn and work, please take advantage of the opportunities to try new ideas and concepts
~ we are working as a group; share your ideas and learning moments with others
~ we are ALL entitled to a safe learning and working environment
~ a safe environment does not exhibit racism, sexism, saracasm, or demeaning language and behaviour