Graduation Scholarships

Government, universities, businesses and many community groups support and celebrate the successes of graduating Grade 12 students.  They fund numerous scholarships for which Grade 12’s may apply.  Information regarding application deadlines for many scholarships is listed on the bulletin boards around the Career Advisor’s Office but this list is not exhaustive.  Scholarship searches can be conducted on the Internet for many, many more opportunities.  Talk to the school Career Advisor and your school counsellor for more information about Scholarships. 

(See your Career Advisor for details)
1.  Scholarship
A monetary award based on academic merit or excellence in the area to which the award pertains.
2. Bursary
A non repayable grant made to students in need of financial assistance, who have maintained a satisfactory academic record. Evidence of need may be required.
3.  Provincial Scholarship
Provincial Scholarships of $1,000 are based on provincial examination scores.  The top 20 students in the province will receive awards of $2500 each. If you wish to be considered for Provincial Scholarships you must:
    pass English 12 with at a "B"
    score 86% or higher on three of your best government exams
    must meet graduation requirements
    may receive both provincial and district scholarships
    graduate from a BC secondary school
The three highest ranking scholarship candidates will receive academic medals of excellence and scholarship.  A special seal will be attached to the Scholarship Certificate of the top qualifying candidate in each subject for both the January and June exam sessions.
4.  District Scholarship
This is an award based on excellence in a non-academic area of study.  Students apply for these awards in the spring.  A school-based awards committee will select the top candidates who will receive scholarships of $1,000 each.
5.  B.C. University Major Entrance Scholarships
Scholarships of various amounts (from $2,500-$40,000) are awarded to outstanding high school students, who excel in areas of academics, athletics, or performing and fine arts.  Automatic scholarships are based on the courses required for university entrance. Successful candidates applying for the automatic entrance scholarships usually have over 90% in their grade 12 course work.
6.  Out of Province University Entrance Scholarships
Awards from universities outside of B.C. vary.  Applications arrive at different times during the year.  Students are reminded to check “SD Students” on First Class.
7.  Local or Community Based Awards
Scholarships and bursaries are donated by various Delta businesses and interested groups.  Application forms are available before Spring Break.
8.  Private Scholarships
These scholarships are awards that are made available by various companies, businesses and special interest groups. Applications arrive in the school at various times throughout the year.  Students must pay close attention to the scholarship list as most of these awards have specific criteria and exact deadline dates.
9.  College, Trades and Technical School Scholarships
Awards offered by the various junior colleges, trade and technical schools.  These awards also vary in amounts, have specific criteria and specific deadline dates.