Grad Transitions

Graduation Transitions Booklet 2017/2018 *Revised Nov 17


All students must complete the required Ministry of Education course, Graduation Transitions 12, worth four (4) credits in order to receive the Dogwood Certification of High School Graduation from British Columbia.

For the 2017-2018 school year, all Grade 12s at SDSS are enrolled in a block (A-H or X-block) to work independently on their Grad Transitions materials.  Grad transitions advisors (Ms. Sammartino, Ms. Diomis, Ms. Hayes and Ms. Kilpatrick) will be visiting all grade 12s in their English 12 classes to track students’ progress.  Following the timeline laid out in the Grad Trans booklet available on our school website, Grade 12 students will have completed this required course by October 30, 2017.  However, we encourage all grade 12s to work on the contents during this summer vacation with the aim of completing it before September.

Everyone must have a half-inch binder in which to put their printed copy of the Graduation Transitions booklet and the completed answers for each section.  Everything must be typed.  Photocopies of supporting documents must be included in the binder.  Using sheet protectors to contain these copies is a good idea.

Remember to collect all required signatures on the required pages (DPA, counsellor review of credits, work experience or community service verification, parent signature page).  You will also need to book an appointment with  the Career Advisor, to discuss your plan and you will also need to get her signature.

On September 25thand 26th, your GT advisor will be visiting classes to track your progress as Part I and II of the package are due on that date.  Part III is due October 6thand Parts IV & V are due October 30th.  Exit interviews with one of the GT advisors will take place in November 14th and 15th during study blocks in the cafeteria.  All grade 12s must be prepared with GT binder and be able to articulate post-graduation plans.

Both the grad boat cruise and the grad Christmas dance ticket sales will be permitted to those students who have met the required deadlines.

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