Advanced Placement Courses

South Delta currently offers the following Advanced Placement courses:

  • AP Psychology
  • AP English Literature & Composition
  • AP Environmental Science

*  In addition, students are welcome to challenge AP exams in any of the subjects offered by the College Board.  Please see Mrs. Hunt in the office for more information.      What is AP?   Advanced placement is an opportunity for students to study college-level curricula and take an AP exam.  Successful completion of the exam may give students credit for that course at the college and/or university level.  Click here to go the AP website for more information.  How much does AP cost?   Students enrolled in AP courses are strongly encouraged to write the external AP examination in May. There is no fee for taking an AP course but there is a fee for writing this AP examination. Since this is an external exam administered by the College Board, we are obligated to charge the students the cost of writing the exam. The cost is $130 per exam (very inexpensive when compared to a university course). Regardless of whether or not the student writes the AP exam in May, the fact that they completed an AP course is acknowledged on their official BC Ministry of Education transcript.   2017 AP Exam Schedule - Click Here