2014 Award Winners

SDSS Update on our Student Recognition Events for June 2014 

There is a well-known quote from a former NFL coach, Mr. Lou Holtz.  It goes like this: 

Ability is what you’re capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.

This year, again, through our several Student Recognition Events in the month of June, we recognized young people who demonstrated outstanding ability, motivation, and attitude in a variety of areas. 

SDSS Athletic Banquet 2014

The SDSS Athletic Banquet was held the afternoon of Tuesday, June 3rd.  All students who played on a school team and their coaches had a delicious pizza feast before which MCs, Athletic Directors Mr. Sweeney and Ms. Lingham, announced the names of student athletes chosen to be recognized by their coaches.  This was followed by the presentation of nine special athletic awards. 

The recipients for Athlete of the Year demonstrated a very high level of skill and sport and demonstrated a positive example of behaviour in the classroom, around the school and at all school sponsored functions. The recipients were chosen by consensus with feedback from the community coaches and the teacher coaches who worked with them throughout the year.  

In Grade 8 to 11, there are two Athletes of the Year presentations, one for female and one for male athletes.  This year’s recipients in Grade 8 were Vanessa Pecht and Michael Calvert; in Grade 9 were Anika Bosch and Jack Fayle; in Grade 10 were Charlie Moore and Damara Begin; in Grade 11 were Jessica Hasker and Jack MacDonald. The Athletes of the Year for Grade 12 and the Outstanding Sportspersons of the Year were to be announced at the Awards of Excellence Event. 

Subject Awards and Awards of Excellence

Throughout the first weeks of June, within classrooms, teachers recognized particular students for their achievements in a particular subject area.  The students’ classmates and staff members congratulated those recipients on their accomplishments.   Please CLICK HERE for a complete list of subject award winners.

On Friday, June 13th, Principal Mme Gaudreault announced the recipients of the Awards of Excellence for Grades 8 to 12 over the P.A. morning announcements.  After their names were announced, the recipients went to the theatre where Mme Gaudreault presented them with their certificates and took their pictures with the accompanying trophies.  The photographs will be emailed to each family.  The list of the Awards of Excellence recipients and the awards’ criteria follows: 

Junior and Senior International Students of the Year

This award is presented to the students who:

  • demonstrate involvement in school life
  • demonstrate strong academic achievement
  • have a desire to immerse themselves in our school and community culture

The recipients of this year’s International Students of the Year are: Daylee Kim as Junior International Student of the Year and Xin Liu as Senior International Student of the year. 

Outstanding Male and Female Athletes for Grade12

This award is presented to Gr. 12 students who:

  • demonstrate a very high level of skill in sport
  • would be recognized by their coach and fellow athletes as strong leaders
  • demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship
  • demonstrate a positive influence in sport and in the classroom

This year’s recipients for Outstanding Athletes are McKenzie Connors and Christine Howlett. 

Outstanding Male and Female Sportspersons for Grade 12

This award is presented to Gr. 12 students who:

  • demonstrate a very high level of sportsmanship
  • demonstrate a reasonable level of skill in sport
  • have shown outstanding athletic participation from Gr. 8-12
  • demonstrate a positive influence in sport and in the classroom

This year’s recipients for Outstanding Sportspersons are Krista Jensen and Mark Dykstra.  

Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts

This award is presented to a junior and senior student who:

  • have set themselves apart as an extremely capable artist, where their work is exemplary, and a true sense of passion is evident
  • have been involved in multiple Fine Arts events, both in and out of class time, and is well known for the significant contributions made to the SDSS  Fine Arts program in either Music, Theatre, or Visual Art
  • are responsive to both teachers and peers, working along with others for a common purpose or benefit
  • As a Grade 12 student, has assumed the role of guiding, leading, or directing others. They are seen as a positive role model, clearly inspiring others students by their work.

This year’s recipients for junior achievement are Kate Yahn and Stephen Miller and for senior achievement Katie Baillie, Cameron Thompson and Hannah Everett. 

Prix d’Effort au Bilinguisme

This award is presented to a student who:

  • is in the full French Immersion Program
  • displays exemplary effort in all their Immersion Courses
  • strives to maximize opportunities in French Immersion

This year’s recipients are: for Gr. 8, Syrah Khan, for Gr. 9, Ben Mitchell, for Gr. 10 Brooke Waterman, and for Gr. 11 Rachel Ruecker. 

Top Scholastic Achievement

These students are at the top of their class and have achieved impressive GPA scores in the high 90’s. It is very difficult to determine a sole winner at each grade level, so we have a number of co-recipients, separated only by a fraction of a percent. In addition, we have several honourable mentions for students who achieved averages very close to the top academic students.  They deserve to be recognized as well. 

Honourable Mentions for Academic Achievement are:

for Grade 8 Taylor Bouchey and Spencer Ball; for Grade 9 Violet Rally; for Grade 10 Marissa Jacks; for Grade 11 Kathinka Gundermann, Maddy Burnett, James Dunlop, Aamenah Meghjee, and Rebecca Dewar; and for Grade 12 Nadia Langenburg, Reed Esler, Alex Von Schulmann and Vito Zou 

Grade Level Awards of Excellence for Scholastic Achievement

Gr. 8 Top Scholar: Alexandra McKinnon

Gr. 9 Top scholars: Laura Moore and Gillian Forster

Gr. 10 Top Scholar: Emily Johnston, Brendan Posehn, Emily Wong and Anna Sarafis

Gr. 11 Top Scholars: Elisa Morgan, Sam Pritchard, and Jessica Hasker.

Gr. 12 Top Scholars: Katie Baillie and William Li 

All of these students demonstrated their commitment to their personal best to achieve these results in their scholastic work. Some of them know which career they hope to pursue, some are yet pondering this decision. We wish them continued success. 

Junior and Senior Outstanding Citizenship Award

The Outstanding Citizenship Award is presented at both the Junior and Senior levels to a student who:

  • exemplifies the qualities and values of our school’s Vision
  • demonstrates exemplary conduct and is a good role model
  • is involved in a leadership role in the school
  • whose positive influence is readily apparent to both staff and students

The Junior Outstanding Citizenship award goes to Anna Reshetylo

and the Senior Outstanding Citizenship award goes to Taylor Bamford.

Junior and Senior Outstanding Service Award

An Outstanding Service Award is presented at both the Junior and Senior levels to a student who

  • exemplifies the qualities and values of our school’s Vision
  • demonstrates exemplary conduct and is a good role model
  • has contributed many hours of service to the school
  • whose positive influence is readily apparent to both staff and students

This year, the Junior Outstanding Service award goes to Sophie Cook and the Senior Outstanding Service award goes to Emilie Sarkissian. 

Leadership in Global Awareness

This award is presented to a student at any grade level who:

  • has actively participated in raising the awareness of other students to global issues and concerns such as the environment, human rights, world peace or poverty
  • demonstrates leadership ability and respect for others

This year’s recipient for Outstanding Leadership in Global Awareness is Grade 12 student Erin Turko. 

The Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is given to the most outstanding graduating student. Nominees must show academic excellence by:

  • making the Honour Roll at least once in their graduating year and must show excellence in at least three of the following areas
    • representing the school in an Athletic endeavor
    • demonstrating talent in a Performing Art
    • demonstrating talent in a Fine Art
    • providing Service to the school
    • providing service to the community
    • bringing recognition to themselves and/or the school in an activity away from the school

This year’s recipient for South Delta Secondary’s Award of Excellence is Anika Klassen. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and of course their proud parents. These students have all earned this honour through their hard work and dedication to themselves, their school, and their community. For some of them, we know this is their finale, and for others this is just the beginning of their many successes. We look forward to what future years hold for them. 

Honours Dance Event

This event, a DJ dance for all students who had achieved Term 1 and Term 2 standing in either the Principal’s List, Honour Roll, G Club, Service Award, and Subject Award, was to be held on Thursday, June 5th.  However, student response was weak and the decision was made to hold this dance in September or early October.  This dance will be free for all the recognized students from June; the dance will also be open to ticket purchasers. 


NOTE: The Honour Roll and Principal’s List and G Club data will be calculated after final report cards are issued and then the results will be posted on the website as soon as possible.  Certificates for recipients of Honour Roll, Principal’s List, G Club and Service Awards will be sent home to students with the August newsletter in late August if possible or will be available for pick up some time after that.