Welcome to South Delta Secondary School


Due to very limited space, this is a student-only event.  Parents cannot be accommodated in the Theatre.  We invite you to check out the Extravaganza online:

Extravaganza will take place on Friday, December 19th.  Please see below for the change in block times.  Check back to this webpage for the web link for the livestreaming of Extrav!

Block  A                                             8:30     -           9:10 am

Block  B                                             9:16     -           9:56 am

Block  C                                             10:02   -           10:42 am

Block  D                                             10:48   -           11:28 am

Lunch                                                  11:28   -           12:00 pm

Block D &  “Extravaganza”               12:00   -           *2:50 pm

 *End time is approximate

 Take Our Kids To Work

On November 5th, over 200 Grade 9 students participated in TOKTW by going to work with their parent, relative, or family friend.  Students are asked to complete a Reflection sheet as part of their HACE curriculum and mark.  This sheet has been emailed to families who have not completed it yet and was emailed to all Grade 9 students and guardians previously.  The sheet must be in the office by 8:30am on Wednesday, December 3rd in order to be included in this term's HACE mark.

If you have pictures of your student at work, please email them to shunt@deltasd.bc.ca.  Photos will be posted here shortly.

Keep 'em Coming! Textbooks NEEDED!

We have graciously accepted more than $20,000 of outstanding textbooks over the past few weeks! Thank you! We now have approximately $15,000 in outstanding textbooks yet to be returned.  If you haven't yet done so, please take a moment to search your house looking for school textbooks and return them to the office.  Thank you so much for your help.


Mailing Address

750 53rd Street
Delta B.C. V4M 3B7

(604) 943-7407

(604) 943-7405

Street Map


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